Nero 2019-

A huge set of video-editing utilities that can burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Nero 2019-
Nero 15.0.07700

Nero is a piece of multimedia software that can burn Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs, and it features several advanced utilities that you wouldn't expect to find in a free media suite.

With Nero, you can burn full HD videos, audio, or data files to Blu-ray, CD, or DVD. Inside the Nero software, a single module called Nero Burning ROM handles disc-burning. Like all the other functions in the Nero software suite, this function is fast, reliable, and intuitive.

This software was once called Nero Multimedia Suite, but it has since shortened its name simply to Nero. It has the ability to make sure all your editing needs are met. You can use the software to make changes, touch-up photos, videos, and audio, and create burned discs all in one simple action.

Unlike other players that work with only video, or only audio, or only images, Nero is a multi-format system that plays TV shows, radio, slide shows, audio, video, and photos in a number of common and uncommon formats. As long as your system has the power to operate these functions, you'll have no problem using them to their full potential.

Nero BackItUp is another addition that makes Nero stand out from similar suites. With this handy tool, you can create backups of individual files or full physical discs. If you have any content that you feel is worth sharing with the world, you can use the software to upload videos and photos onto a number of online platforms, including MySpace, YouTube, and the dedicated Nero social page, My Nero. If you want to convert files so they can be used on your mobile device, the software can also handle that.

The design of the UI is quite modern, and it has been built with individual modules that you can reach from the home screen. The home screen gives access to each of the primary functions found in the software. The newest version is compatible with Windows 10, and it boosts the performance of many of the modules. The Nero Burning ROM is one of the modules that received a considerable update.

When Nero was first released, it was nothing more than a piece of software for burning DVDs and CDs, but it has grown into a full multimedia software set that produces premium results through a stable and powerful system. The software is ideal for amateurs and semi-professionals. One drawback is that the software installation takes some time, and it becomes so integrated into the computer that it uses a vast amount of resources. If your system has lots of RAM and an advanced CPU, you shouldn't have any issues. Supported formats include MKV, FLV, DVD, AVCHD, MPEG-4 AVC, and AVCREC.


  • Reliable Backup Function
  • Online Content Sharing
  • Intuitive Utility
  • Advanced Editing Functions
  • All-In-One Media App


  • Heavy System Integration
  • Various Slow Tools
  • Long Installation

Nero is a burning software that allows its users to burn information and other files to CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs. The main functions of this program are that it allows users to burn ISO files to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray players, as well as copy the files that are found on each of the aforementioned mediums. Another function that this program has is that it is able to completely erase discs that are considered to be rewritable, allowing new information to be saved without having to compete for space.

Another use of this program is that it can be used to rip audio CDs and transfer the files to a writable CD or computer program that will save it and allow it to be listened to at a later date. This drastically lowers the amount of money that needs to be spent on music. Any over-burning is supported, which allows users to burn more ISO files and other information than the CD is technically supposed to be able to hold. Finally, the speed at which the information is burned, regardless of the size of the file, is very fast, allowing for greater productivity to be achieved.

Pros of Downloading Nero:

  • High Burning Quality: When information is burned from the computer or from another CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, the quality level will be very high, meaning that there will be no glitching, warped noise or other problems that could disrupt the experience for the person using the disc. The quality of any sounds that are recorded will be comparable to listening to it on a CD or on an album.
  • Many Different Tools to Choose From: Nero supports a wide variety of different tools that will allow users to split large files into smaller ones to be stored on multiple CDs, for over-burning to be as effective as possible, and for stability issues to be resolved or prevented completely.
  • Supports SecurDisc: SecurDisc is a type of program that will allow discs to be password protected, meaning they cannot be accessed except by those who have the necessary information, and will protect the discs from being damaged as a result of scratching or excessive use.
  • Configurable Writing Speed: Depending on when the disc is needed, the writing speed can be easily configured.

Cons of Downloading Nero:

  • Difficult User Interface: The design for the user interface, or the control panel a user will utilize to burn the necessary information, is slightly difficult to use because it seems to be very outdated. It may take a user a few minutes to get used to the panel before maximum efficiency is able to be obtained.
  • Extended Installation Time: Many users have reported that it takes awhile for Nero to install fully, which makes it less useful for rush jobs or on-the-spot download decisions. By planning ahead with regard to this software, it is possible to completely mitigate any ill effects of an extended installation time.

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